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My Hormone Replacement Therapy Health Journey ~ With Reborn Aesthetics and Wellness


My health journey over the last 55 years has been a "roller coaster" of a ride. With having an emergency hysterectomy at the age of 25, right after I gave birth to my last child, I suffered tremendously with hormone imbalances. I would talk to my physicians at various medical institutions and explain what I was feeling and experiencing. They would do blood tests and every time they would say that my test results were fine. They would never address the issue or help me with my symptoms. I suffered from depression, anxiety, hair loss, skin dryness, brain fog, mood swings, fatigue, and low self esteem. I had heard of hormone replacement therapy and looked into it, however didn't trust anyone due to my horrible experiences with the medical field.

I've known Carly for 7 plus years. Knowing her and what she does for a living and knowing her passion to help both men and women feel better, I knew that I could trust her. She truly listens to me, answers my questions, and educates me on what treatments we are going to do for my hormone imbalances and thyroid treatment.

I started with Carly a year ago receiving hormone replacement therapy and thyroid treatments. As you can see in my before and after pictures, I am truly a different woman. ALL my symptoms have pretty much gone away. My depression and anxiety symptoms have lessened tremendously. My hair and nails are growing back in such a healthy way. My brain fog is literally GONE!!! Like there is NONE there anymore! My mood swings have lessened and lessened with each pellet placement. Fatigue...I don't even know what that is anymore because I have so much energy now! Energy that I never had before. My skin color and healthiness of my overall "Mind, Body, and Spirit" have improved drastically. And because I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally, I have been able to eat healthier, exercise (because now I have energy), and I have lost 70 pounds! I feel SO MUCH BETTER...I can't even begin to describe how much better I feel. All of this helps tremendously with my self esteem. It's SO nice to FINALLY feel "balanced", especially hormonally.


I look at my before and after pictures and am in shock. It's humbling to know that with Carly's education and help, I was able to make 2023 a very successful year with my health journey. I look forward to seeing how much better I feel in 2024!

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